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Time Management Solutions
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  Amano Time Management Solutions are designed to fit the needs of your payroll. We offer a broad range of electronic time recorders, semi-automatic time recorders, calculating time clocks and specialty clocks. If you are uncertain which time clock is best for you, let us help you decide. Click on the best way for us to assist you.

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Amano provides a broad range of electronic side printers from atomic time clocks to time/date stamp machines. Click here to view all side printers.
Top loaders are the ideal choice for small businesses. Amano semi-automatic time clocks are reliable and affordable. Click here to view all semi-automatics.
Adding hours for payroll can be a hassle. Why not let Amano Calculating Time Clocks total the hours for you. To view all calculating clocks, Click here
Amano Electronic Date/Time and Numbering Stamps are easy to use. Just simply insert your document and stamp. View all specialty clocks here.
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